March 28, 2020
anti squirrel bird feeders

You can see photos anti squirrel bird feeders in the forest

If you have been hanging bird feeders in your yard for some time you know that squirrels are a big problem. So it is a good idea to purchase anti squirrel bird feeders. There are actually many ways to make your bird feeder squirrel proof. One of the easiest ones is placing it on a stand made from smooth materials. A squirrel can’t climb a smooth pole or a stand. Another way is to hang a feeder on a thin chain which will not allow the squirrel to climb it. However, the animal can still jump on it from the tree.

Wooden feeders are the best option for the most birds out there. Cedar bird feeders are a great choice. Some bird feeder manufacturers offer bird feeders with suet baskets. Such feeder is extremely useful. Hanging suet on strings on a tree or putting them inside a feeder is not a great idea, since it creates a lot of mess and the birds have trouble eating it up. Suet baskets are sort of a cage which you will put pieces of suet into and birds will be nibbling on it safely. Wooden tables with roofs and stainless steel suet baskets are a the best choice of bird feeders out there.

If you don’t want to spend money on wooden products, which sometimes can be pretty expensive, you can opt for a cheap option – tube bird feeders. They are plastic tubes with holes for the food to pour out of. Sometimes such plastic tubes have special perches to sit on. These types of feeders are great for wild finches. Plastic tube feeders are easy to clean and take up much less space than wooden feeders. However, they can be easily destroyed by squirrels since they are very light. So they must be placed as far away from the tree as possible in order not to allow a squirrel to jump on them.

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