October 31, 2020
best bird feeders for cardinals

Take a look best bird feeders for beloved pets

Best bird feeders are the ones you make with your own hands. Let’s look at how the easiest bird feeders can be made in the comfort of your own home without much effort:

• Wooden feeder. A wooden feeder is easily made from 5 pieces of wood and some nails. Such bird feeders is fastest to make, but it is not anyhow protected from weather conditions, such as rain or snow. However, making a roof for such feeder is also not that hard. The roof can be installed on a wooden pole in the middle of the feeder. The roof can be made from a piece of plastic.

• Best bird feeders for winter are the ones made from durable materials such as thick plastic. A flower pot with a saucer glued to the bottom will make a great bird feeder. In order to keep the food safe from rain and snow a roof can be made from another saucer or a piece of wood.

• Juice box feeder. If you live in a warm climate, a juice box is a great material for a bird feeder. Cutting a square or round bird entrance on the bottom of a juice carton is the fastest way to make a feeder. However, such feeder can’t withstand much rain, so it must be placed under a roof. Since such feeders are easy to make, you can just replace them any time it rains.

• Best bird feeders for small birds are made from plastic bottles. One plastic bottle is placed inside another to keep the food inside. A hole is made for the food to pour out onto a saucer, which is placed on the bottom of the bottle set.

There are many ways to make handmade bird feeders. However, for breeding purposes, it is important that the feeders are professionally made to withstand weather conditions.

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