April 4, 2020
best squirrel proof bird feeders

Take a look photos best squirrel proof bird feeders

If you are having trouble keeping the squirrels away from the bird tables, you need to check out the feeders which are squirrel proof. The best squirrel proof bird feeders are the ones made so squirrels don’t have access to the food, while the birds do. Such bird feeders are usually made to be plastic tubes with a small opening for the food to pour out. In order to get food out of such a feeder a bird would either need to eat it in the air, or sit on one of the provided perches. The perches are too small for the squirrels to sit on, but are just the right size for the birds.

If you don’t want to buy bird feeders but still want to keep the squirrels away, you need to learn how to squirrel proof bird feeders. What you need to do is place the existing feeder on a smooth pole. The squirrels can’t climb poles made from smooth materials, since they will just slide down. Accordingly, you can make any feeder safe from the squirrels just by installing a long and a smooth pole. Poles are also a great choice since they keep the trees out of the picture. Not all owners are comfortable with hanging the feeders on trees, so the birds don’t damage them. Others just don’t have enough trees to hang all the bird feeders they want. A pole will solve this problem, so you can install as many feeders as you wish.

Squirrels on bird feeders are a big problem. They don’t just eat up all the food, which is left there to keep the birds fed, they also tend to break the bird feeders and cause a terrible mess. Also by jumping on a bird feeder, squirrels can hurt themselves if the feeder doesn’t hold and falls down. So squirrel proofing your bird feeders is essential not just for the health of your birds, but for a clean environment of your yard as well.

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