July 9, 2020
best big bird feeders

Top 10 big bird feeders for more birds

Big bird feeders are a good choice for large yards. If you made a decision to do everything you can to attract birds to your territory, you should care for providing them with all the accessories they need. Feeder are the first thing you must worry about. They should be durable, placed up high and covered not to allow rain and snow to wet the food. Large birds need larger feeders while small ones can go for smaller pieces. Study which types of birds like coming to your territory and choose the bird feeder accordingly. Large feeders are easier to clean, but they might cause more mess on the ground.

Big bird feeder plans are easy to find. In fact, there isn’t much different between large and small feeders. The most important thing to consider when you are making a large bird feeder for hanging is the proper fastening. If you are hanging the feeder on a tree, make sure the chains or stings, which are holding them are durable enough to withstand rain, snow and wind. The best idea for large feeders is to place them on pedestals. Such feeders and baths are sold online and can be made on your own. Not much effort is required. The result will leave you satisfied, since the feeders will be easier to reach for changing food and cleaning.

Best big bird feeders are made from wood and metal. In fact, wooden feeders are probably better for birds, while metal ones are easier to clean and they don’t get damaged as much. So, if you are choosing which bird feeder to buy, consider the one which will be easier for you to refill. Birds will be eating food out of any feeders, especially in the winter. So, here you can easily consider your needs and not theirs.

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