February 23, 2020
bird cage feeder cups

You can see photos bird cage feeders to backyard

Bird cage feeders are very important bird accessories, which you will need to buy when you become a pet bird owner. There are several types of bird feeders for you to choose from. There are cages, which have bird feeders installed by the manufacturer. Such feeders are easier to use, but harder to clean. There are also external bird feeders, which are hung on the cage wire. Such feeders come in all shapes and sizes and can be chosen by the owner. If you have a glass cage, then there should be a special opening to place an external bird feeder. Or you would need to hang it inside.

Exterior bird cage feeders are a better choice than the interior ones. First of all such feeders don’t take up any space inside the cage, which means that the bird has more place to fly and play around. Second of all, the bird has no chance to turn the exterior feeder over and create an unnecessary mess inside the cage. Third of all, interior feeders would need a special place to hang them, which not all the cages have. Overall, the exterior bird feeders are more convenient for both pet birds and their owners.

No mess bird cage feeders are the ones hung outside the bird cage. They are large enough to fit a bird. So a bird comes out of the cage completely to eat. Such feeders have a special perch made for a bird to sit on while it is eating. Accordingly, no food gets inside the cage. All the seed stays inside the feeder, which makes both the cage and the feeder easier to clean. Such feeders can also be placed inside the cage. They will produce no mess, however, they will take up a lot of space, which is uncomfortable for the birds.

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