June 4, 2020
best bird cages for budgies

The most optimal bird cages for budgies for your home

If you are thinking about getting a budgie, the first thing you have to consider are bird cages for budgies. Budgies must have their own comfortable place to live in, which will provide them a feeling of safety. This is a place where your budgie will spend most of its time, so you must do a good job choosing a proper cage for your future pet bird. You must understand which cage will fit a budgie best. A home for your pet must be chosen in accordance with the bird’s requirements and needs.

Any budgie owner will tell you that such bird needs a rectangular cage. Budgie bird cages can’t be spherical since they right away lose the orientation. Also such cages don’t have corners, which budgies really need to hide in sometimes. Also cubical and pyramid-like cages are not a great idea for such birds. Complicated shapes are also not great for budgie cages, since the bird might get hurt while flying.  At the same time such cages are not very practical, since they are pretty hard to clean.

Best bird cages for budgies are made from non-toxic materials. Budgies like gnawing on the cage bars that is why toxic paint can be very dangerous for the bird. An ideal cage must also have all the proper accessories for the bird. A place for bird feeders and a place for perches is vital, if they are not placed there already. Also, you must pay close attention to the space between the cage bars. It must not be large enough to allow the bird to put its head through. If the bird will be trying to put the head through the bars and will succeed, it might damage the wings or get choked. And the last but not the least, the bird cage must be large. The larger the cage, the better the bird will feel.

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