April 13, 2021
amazing bird feeders

You can see 10 photos bird feeders for robins

Bird feeders for robins are not much different from the rest of the birds. When building such a feeder you need to consider the bird size. The larger the birds, the larger feeders they will need and the larger perches or walls should be attached for them to sit on. If birds have a place to sit while feeding without sitting on the bird seed, you will avoid a lot of mess. If your feeder has walls, you will prevent the birds from throwing the food out to the ground. Cleaning complicated feeders might be a little harder, however, it will save a you a lot of time on sweeping the ground below.

When you are choosing bird accessories, take a look at weatherproof bird feeders. Many people go for the simplest bird tables because they forget about rain and snow. Simple tables are great and cheap. However, when time comes for precipitation, they become a real nuisance. When seed gets wet, it becomes useless for the birds. At the same time, feeders become very hard to clean. So, make sure the feeder you choose has a cover or a roof to keep the food dry. The roof must be larger than the table in order to prevent water drops from falling inside.

Take some time to think about bird pole feeders. These get installed on poles or pedestals instead of being hung on a tree. Such feeder is easier to access for cleaning and is squirrel proof. Squirrels and other animals pose threat to the feeders, since they usually eat up the food and can even break them. Poles and pedestals are smooth and prevent animals from climbing them and reaching the feeders. Installing a table on a pole will save you some time and money, since you won’t need to change the bird food and clean them too often.

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