June 4, 2020
best bird feeders squirrel proof

9 a lot of pictures bird feeders squirrel proof in the forest

If you have ever installed outdoor bird feeders you know that the best competition for wild bird is squirrels. Accordingly making your bird feeders squirrel proof is absolutely necessary to keep the birds fed. Squirrels often become the ones who eat up all the food, which you are leaving for birds. At the same time they might break more delicate bird feeders, since they are much heavier than the birds these feeders are made for. Here are some tricks for those who want to keep the squirrels away:

1. Place an aluminum duct under the bird feeder. The squirrels usually climb the pole to reach a bird feeder. The aluminum duct will keep them away

2. Hanging the feeder on a plumbing pipe. Interestingly enough this squirrel proof bird feeder pole doesn’t allow squirrels to climb properly. Their paws just slide down.

3. A shocker. One of the more dangerous, but very effective, ways to keep the unpleasant guests away is a shocker. A shocker gives a small zap to the squirrels to keep them from coming back. The shocker doesn’t zap the birds since they don’t weigh as much.

4. A long chain. If you hang your bird feeder from a tree on a very thing chain, the squirrel won’t be able to climb it.
Now you can choose your best squirrel proof bird feeder. However, if you don’t like any of the suggested ways to keep the squirrels away, maybe you can do another easy trick. Feed the squirrels. If you make special feeders for squirrels, they will not disturb the birds on your territory. However, if you attract squirrels, you might have other animals coming to live on your territory, which is not always a good idea. So, it is better to opt for bird feeders, which are squirrel proof and can allow your birds to feed freely any time of the year.

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