July 11, 2020
aspects bird feeders

Look these images bird feeders to make improvised means

If you are looking for the easiest bird feeders to make, look for some bird feeder plans on the Internet. The simplest bird feeders are made from the things you have lying around the house. The fastest to make feeders are made from milk cartons by cutting square openings and running a string or a wire through the top part in order to hang the feeder. Other easy to make feeders are made from plastic bottles. Such feeders have the same properties as plastic tube ones. However, their service life is much shorter and they are very hard to clean.

Pole mounted bird feeders are probably the greatest idea for the wild bird tables. They have a great variety of “cons” to them. First of all, the smooth pole will not allow the squirrels to climb to the bird feeders, so the birds will not have any rivals. Second of all, no trees are needed for such bird feeders. More often than not, people don’t have a lot of trees in their yards to place the feeders on. So, poles are great way out. At the same time the feeders mounted on a pole are usually fastened very well and there is no chance of them being damaged by the wind.

Suet bird feeders are a must for those who want to give suet to their birds. Placing suet into a regular bird feeder is not the best idea. First of all, its grease texture will make the feeders hard to clean, second of all, the birds might have trouble eating it since it will be sliding all over the place. A suet feeder looks like a small cage hung on a wire. A piece of suet is placed inside and the birds are biting pieces off of it through the holes in the cage.

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