March 31, 2020
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Interesting ideas for making bird feeders with trays with their own hands

Bird feeders with trays are a great idea for those people who don’t like a lot of mess in their backyard. Birds are messy creatures and like throwing food out of feeders. This creates a lot of garbage on the ground, that will eventually rot and cause bad smells. Those who have been feeding wild birds for a while are very familiar with the mess which appears on the regular basis and is very hard to clean. However, this can be avoided by either buying no mess seed mixes or purchasing trays for the feeders.

Wooden bird feeders can also have trays. The easiest wooden feeder can be made on your own. In fact  nothing is needed except for the tray. Make a tray with side walls and the feeder is ready. The walls will not allow the food to be thrown out of the tray. However, they shouldn’t be too high, otherwise it might be uncomfortable for the birds to eat. Birds can eat while in the air. However, they will be more pleased if they have a place to sit on. In fact, the low walls can become a great place for them to sit while feeding. They will serve as perches.

If you are planning to install a lot of bird feeders and maybe have your neighbors look for some as well, you can take a look at wholesale bird feeders. This way you’ll save some money and get more quality bird feeders than you would have buy buying them separately. Make sure that the bird feeders you are buying are good quality and have several important functions. They should have roofs in order to protect the food from rain and snow and should be easily mounted on poles or have sturdy strings to be hung on a tree. Birds appreciate woodenfeeders, but you can go for metal ones if you wish.

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