January 28, 2020
bird house feeders

Top 10 photos bird house feeders for your house

Bird house feeders are quire popular among home owners. They look like a house but are essentially being used for feeding the wild birds. There are many different interestingly designed bird feeders out there. Take a good look at some pictures, before making up your mind about which one will suit you best. Make sure to understand which feeder will be the most functional while being nice-looking. Some of the more simple feeders can be made at home. However, if you want  a piece of art, then you should look for a professional manufactures.

While searching for feeders and other accessories for wild birds, you can find some funny bird houses. Actually, a lot of people prefer buying a non-standard  “funny” bird house. It doesn’t matter for birds how the house looks on the outside. As long as it is functional enough on the inside, the birds will be attracted. So, you can go for buying the house you like most. Some people buy unfinished bird houses and decorate them on their own. This is also a great idea for a school project or just for some quality time with your family.

Painting bird houses is not so complicated. All you need to get is paint, paintbrushes and use some imagination. If you don’t have any ideas, you can browse the painted houses on the Internet. There are so many options! Pick the easy ones for the first time and then go for more complicated ones. Buy several unfinished houses at first to experiment. Remember, no matter how you paint the houses, the birds will appreciate them only if they are comfortable on the inside. This means that there should be proper ventilation, filling and comfortable entrance. At the same time the house should be properly placed. The higher the better. However, don’t place it too high, since you will need to reach it for cleaning.

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