February 19, 2020
bird seed catcher

You can see bird seed feeders for house

Bird seed feeders can be found almost in any pet store. However, they are so different that choosing the right one for your needs might not be easy. There are many people out there who want to attract wild birds to their backyard and believe that bird feeders are what will do the trick.  But what they don’t know is that bird feeders are far from being enough for getting the wild birds to come flocking to your yard. You must spend some time studying the matter to find out what kind of feeders will be doing the proper job.

First of all, make sure to buy squirrel proof bird seed feeders. No matter how wonderful and beautiful your bird feeders are, they will  be absolutely useless if all the food is eaten up by squirrels. This actually narrows down the choice a little. Forget about getting the ground feeders as well. They are good for bird breeding purposes inside the aviaries. For a regular backyard a ground feeder is a pretty bad choice. The birds are usually afraid of animals and don’t feel safe feeding on the ground. In the end you might end up feeding your neighbor’s cat instead.

Wild bird seed feeders are really all about bird safety. However, to some the way they look is important. If you are choosing a bird feeder based on its looks, rather than functionality, you might be making a mistake. A better idea would be to choose between the most functional feeders. There is definitely a feed out there that can suit your needs and leave the birds satisfied as well.

Choosing a bird feeder might be a hard task, but the results which are achieved by a proper bird feeder are priceless. Having birds come flying to your yard all year round is a great reward.

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