July 8, 2020
amazon bird seed

An unusual way to bird seed wreath at home

Bird seed wreath is a great idea for backyard decoration which will cause a lot for birds to come feeding. This ring made from bird seed looks really interesting and has a lot of functions. However, you must realize that there will be a lot of mess left over from such wreath. So making and hanging them on regular basis might not be a good idea. Such wreaths make for great Christmas decorations, however they don’t last long and often become useless after the first rain, unless the birds eat all of it beforehand.

There is a wide variety of bird seed suppliers on the Internet. Most likely all of them offer good quality bird food. However, a god idea would me to look for those suppliers who produce no mess bird food. The mess the birds make while eating is pretty unpleasant. A lot of food is just wasted on the ground since the birds can’t swallow big pieces and leave inedible leftovers as well. If you buy no mess food there will be no such problem. This food is designed to leave no mess. Birds will be able to fully swallow the seeds and leave nothing behind.

Bird seed storage is very important. If you decided to buy a large amount of bird food in order to save up some money, you must know how to keep it fresh. Wet weather and humidity are the worst conditions for the bird food. Accordingly the bird food must be properly stored. You must keep the bird food in a bag which doesn’t allow any air to come though it. All the bird food bags must be properly sealed and kept in the driest place possible. If any moisture gets into the food bag, the bird seed will absorb water and will become covered with mold. Accordingly, the food will become useless.

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