March 31, 2020
airline approved bird travel cages

Top of the most comfortable bird travel cages with photos

If you are about to go on a trip and have no one to leave your pet with, you should consider buying one of the bird travel cages. There are a lot of different travel accessories out there, so you can choose the one you like most. Travel cages might be more expensive than the regular ones. They are designed to be smaller in order to be carried in comfort. However, they should have all the same properties as the regular cage since the bird might be spending a lot of time in it. This means it should be made out of durable materials and have all types of accessories inside.

Pet bird travel cages might not have enough space for toys, but there should definitely be some perches for the bird to sit on and a place to give the bird food. Since feeders might get turned over during travel, they should be carefully mounted. No food should be placed inside while traveling, but if you are waiting for a plane, you should have the space to place the food into, so the bird doesn’t stay hungry. You should also carry around a small water bottle  to give the bird some water during travel. If you are flying with a bird, don’t forget to allow it do drink before and after the flight. It is very important, since flying in a plane can make a bird dehydrated.

Some airlines require airline approved bird travel cages. So before buying a ticket, make sure to read the rules of each particular airline you are considering. Usually such rules are available online and you can find which type of cages they allow. Don’t forget that the cage is not the most important thing you will need while traveling with the pet. You will need a set of documents to prove that the bird is healthy. Make sure to do some research on the matter.

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