February 24, 2020
bird food wholesale

Select by color black bird bath, see photos

Black bird baths look very stylish in your yard. In fact, you can easily make such a bath on your own. All you will need is some flower pots, a flower pot tray and black paint. Buy 3 pots of different diameter (for example 10,12 and 14 inches). Turn them over and place one inside the other to make a bird bath stand. Glue them together to get a sort of a pyramid. Then take the tray, turn it over and place on top to create a bowl. Then paint the ceramic bath with black paint. This is probably the cheapest way to get a functional black bath for wild birds.

If you are spending time creating baths and houses for the birds, you must be thinking about buying bird food wholesale. This is a great idea for those people who like to attract a lot of birds and feed them. Buying this food wholesale will save you some time in money as long as you have proper storage space. Make sure that the seed mixes are stored in a dry and a dark room. The grain shouldn’t have access to open air. Otherwise some moisture might get into the bag and then the seed mix will go sour. Take some food out of the bag and keep it in the easy to access place. Seal the rest of the bag carefully and keep it in a dark and dry place.

Premium bird food can also be purchased wholesale. If you can buy such food for wild birds, they will really appreciate it. It is especially important to give the birds high quality food in the winter when they have almost no chance to find natural source of food. Remember, feeding the birds in the winter is complicated process, since it is important not to overfeed them. Otherwise, they will completely stop looking for natural food sources.

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