July 11, 2020
blue bird bath

The best 10 blue bird houses for beloved pets

A bluebird is a bird that is a little bit larger than a sparrow but smaller than a blue jay. Bluebird houses must accommodate the needs of a bird this size. At the same time these houses can be used as nesting boxes, so they must be designed to house the young. Accordingly such boxes must be well-designed in order to accommodate all the needs of these small birds. Let’s take a look at some things, which must be known before placing the bird houses on your territory.

Bluebird boxes must be installed a while before before the beginning of the breeding season. It is important to understand that the birds don’t come flying to the houses right after you install them. Sometimes it takes a little while for the birds to find them. If you live in the south, start installing your boxes in the beginning of February. If you live in the north, then start doing it by March. When you are installing the houses it is very important to consider all the weather conditions, especially strong winds and snowstorms. The house must be well-fastened to a tree or a pole in order not to be blown away by the wind.

The poles are probably the best way to install the bird houses on your territory. If you are mounting a house on such a pole, you can place it higher than anywhere else. Birds appreciate their nesting boxes to be installed as high as possible. At the same time these poles are smooth and will not allow animals, such as squirrels, to climb them to steal food from the bluebird feeders. Overall, the placement of the bluebird houses is more important than their design. There are several plans for these houses available on the Internet for your use. Building such a house with your own hands is quite easy.

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