July 9, 2020
african grey parrot cages

You can see 10 photos cheap parrot cages for your rooms

If you have just become a lucky owner of a parrot and are looking for proper accessories for your bird, you will want to check out cheap parrot cages. If your parrot is not very large, there is a great choice for cheap cages out there. It doesn’t necessarily needs to be a cage designed especially for parrot. It just needs to be large enough to allow your pet bird to fly a little bit and to be made of proper materials in order not to cause health problems for your bird. All you really need in a cage for a small parrot is enough space for flying and proper bar spacing in order not to allow the bird to stick its head through.

If you are doing some parrot breeding and live in a warm enough climate you will need outdoor parrot cages. Outdoor aviaries for parrots vary greatly. So, you must decide what materials you want your outdoor parrot cage to be made of. Wooden and glass cages are the most popular. They can be heated if needed and provide your pet bird an impression of being in the wild. Stainless steel outdoor cages are also a good choice for parrots. This way they will have a lot of fresh air. Such cages are suitable for summer time, since parrots come form a warm climate and need to live in a warm environment.

Wooden parrot cages is also a great idea for the pet birds since they are made from natural materials. However, wooden cages are not as durable as the stainless steel ones and are harder to clean. Stainless steel cages are much easier to disinfect and they dry fast, while in order to clean the wooden cages you will need special solutions which will not damage the wood and will not be absorbed by it.

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