November 24, 2020
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Top 10 photos cj wild bird food for beloved pets

CJ wild bird food is a good choice of food for the wild birds on your territory. CJ is a company which specializes on making bird food and different bird related accessories. CJ provides all types of bird food, including seeds, suet and fat balls, as well as peanuts, peanut cakes and etc. In order to choose the correct wild bird food, you need to decide what type of birds you want to attract to your yard. Small and large birds have different food ration. So, you must learn which birds live in your city and buy food which is specially deigned for them.

Once you purchase the required bird food, you need to learn proper bird food storage. Bird food is often sold in large packages, which can serve you for a month or even longer. In order to keep the bird food fresh, it must be placed in a bag which doesn’t allow any air to come through. The carefully closed bag with bird food must be kept in a dark and dry place in order for the food not to go bad. If you allow moisture and light to come through, there is a chance the food will be covered with mold and bad bacteria will start spreading. If due to improper storage your bird food is covered with mold, throw it out. Such food is dangerous for the birds.

CJ bird feeders are good feeders for wild birds. CJ company prides itself on making the best bird feeders out there. So, if you are ordering bird food from their site you can also browse some feeders. There is a great variety of bird feeders, including the squirrel proof feeders as well as feeders for different types of food. This is very convenient for those people who want to attract different sized birds and will be purchasing several different types of bird food.

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