July 6, 2020
cleaning bird bath

Photos that will help cleaning bird feeders of your favorite pet birds

Cleaning bird feeders is extremely important. If the bird feeders are left dirty, the bacteria will be spreading and there is a chance to make the birds ill. It is important to remember that after a while pieces of leftover food get stuck all over the feeder and produce unpleasant smells. There is also a chance of an infection spreading from ill to healthy birds. Accordingly, cleaning is a big must.

Cleaning bird boxes is very important as well. The boxes and the feeders must be cleaned at least once a month. The more popular feeders and houses might require to be cleaned much more frequently, since they suffer a much heavier use. If you have hummingbird feeders, you much clean them every time you refill the nectar. It is also very important to use the fitting cleaning agents. You can make a cleaning solution at home by mixing 1 part of bleach with 9 parts of hot water. However, you can buy a good cleaning solution in the specialty stores as well. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Leaving cleaning agents in feeders and houses can be dangerous to birds.

If you have an indoor pet, cleaning bird cages is also compulsory. Usually bird owners do a good job cleaning the indoor cages since, if they are not cleaned properly, there will be unpleasant smell. However, it is not a good idea to wait for the bad smell to appear in order to start the cleaning process. Bad smell means that the bad bacteria is already spreading. So, it is better to prevent such formation. An indoor cage must be cleaned on regular basis in order to keep the pet healthy. The cage must be washed with a mild detergent and properly rinsed. Let the cage dry before letting the bird back inside. All toys and accessories must be cleaned as well.

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