June 4, 2020
cockatiel bird breeding cage size

You can see 10 photos cockatiel breeding cage size for large rooms

If you are ready to breed some cockatiels, you should study the subject of cockatiel breeding cage size. There are a lot of different articles about cockatiel breeding and you should definitely spend some time doing your research. We will share some basic information with you so you know what to start with.  The cage must have an L-shape. About 18-20 inches wide, 20 – 25 inches high and about 50 inches long. In fact, you can build such cage on your own if you have any cage building experience. Remember that breeding cages are smaller than the ones made for resting or maturing cockatiels.

Special attention should be paid to cockatiel breeding cage setup. The birds must feel safe and comfortable in order for the proper breeding to take place. The bottom of the cage must be covered with several inch of wooden shavings, preferable pine. A small amount of Sevin powder can be added in order to keep the insects away from the cage. This is very important since mites and insects are big bother for the birds and can discourage them from the breeding process. You also should place water dishes inside the cage to induce moisture, which is very important for egg incubation. Birds will be bathing and soaking feathers in the water dishes.

If you are wondering about how to make cockatiel breeding cage, there is really nothing hard about it. There is a great number of instructions over th Internet. However, you must follow them very closely. Improper housing conditions will mean that the breeding might not take place. Also you should play close attention to the accessories required to be placed inside the cage. Remember, some birds have different requirements than the others, so make sure you follow the instructions about cockatiels, not other birds.

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