January 25, 2021
best cockatiel cage

You can see 10 cockatiel cage for your house

For those who are professionally breeding cockatiels, choosing the right cockatiel cage one of the most important parts of the process. The breeding itself is not hard. However, for breeding there must be a separate cage for every 2 birds.

The cockatiel cage size is very important for positive breeding results. The cage must be at least 1 meter high. However, it will be much better if it can be up to 2 meters. A special nest box must be hung inside the cage. The sizes of nest boxes can vary depending on the size of the birds. Inside the nest box there must be a special hollow space for the bird to lay eggs in comfort. The space has to be filled with clean sawdust. In order for the breeding to be successful, the birds must be provided with enough space, food and water. In natural wild conditions cockatiels have access to open spaces. That is why it is important to provide them open space for flying so the bird’s breeding process can be started.

There are a lot of different cockatiel cage setup ideas. Especially, if the cages are purchased for breeding. You must place the cockatiel cage in the corner in order for the birds to have a feeling of safety. While the bird is laying eggs, it must have the most comfortable conditions. Remember, if cockatiels don’t feel safety, they will never lay eggs. Accordingly providing good surroundings is much more important than buying a proper cage.

Breeding process of different birds is always very complicated. Often enough birds have problems with laying eggs in unnatural conditions. If the breeding is not successful for several weeks, it is an important sign that something must be changed. Change the place you are keeping the cage, improve the birds’ living conditions. If this doesn’t help, trying changing the partners.

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