September 22, 2020
copper bird bath bowl

You can see 10 photos copper bird bath for backyard decoration

Copper bird baths can be quite expensive due to the material they are made of. However, they look very beautiful and can even become a centerpiece of your backyard decor. If you have a large enough territory, you can purchase several such baths and place them in a circle. This will make a very pretty decoration. Copper baths are great for winter when you can heat them up with a bath heater. However, in the summer the water might get hot pretty fast. So, it is important top change the water in these copper baths as often as it is possible.

If you want a real nice decoration you can go for copper bird bath fountain. It can be a simple fountain with one pipe going up from the dish or a more intricate creation with several levels. Don’t forget that fountains become useless in the winter when the water freezes over. So, if you don’t want the birds to stay without water for the winter, you must have a back up plan. A good idea would be to purchase a simple cooper bath and have it heated up in the cold times with a heater.  Both regular baths and fountains must be cleaned in order to keep the water fresh and the bird healthy.

Hanging copper bird bath is also a good idea. You can hang such a bath on any tree. However, you must make sure that it’s fastened properly and is heavy enough not to be turned over by the wind. In fact, standing bird baths are probably a better choice than hanging ones. They are much easier to access, thus the cleaning process will be much easier.  Changing the water in hanging bath becomes a complicate process, while if it is standing on the ground, it will take seconds.

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