July 11, 2020
acrylic corner bird cages

You can see 10 photos corner bird cages for your rooms

When you are trying to save space in your home, but still want to make your bird pet as comfortable as possible, you should consider the corner bird cages. These cages are specifically designed to save you some space, while allowing the birds to have as large a home as possible. Such cages can come in different shapes. The choice is pretty diverse, so you can find the one that you’ll like best. Think about buying a cage with a special stand, so you won’t have to bother with finding a piece of furniture to install it.

Large corner bird cages usually already come with a stand. Make sure you place the corner cage two or three cm away from the walls. Birds like sticking their beaks through the bars and biting on the walls. Since a corner cage is designed to be near at least two walls, you should make sure they are not damaged by the beaks. Several centimeters won’t make much difference space-wise, but they will do wonders for keeping your walls safe from the pet. The larger the home for your bird is, the better. So, since the corner cage will save you some space, think about buying a larger cage to accommodate your bird’s needs.

Cheap corner bird cages can be purchased on the used market. There are many bird owners, who would be glad to sell their old cages for a good price. When you are purchasing a used bird accessory, make sure it is not damaged. The cage must have proper garbage protection and all the latches should properly open and close. Damaged latches are the most popular problem with the old cages, so make sure they are intact. Used cage must be cleaned very carefully. Buy a special solution at a pet store to make sure that the cleaning is done properly.

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