September 18, 2020
best heated bird bath

You can see 10 photos deck bird bath to backyard

If you would like the birds to come and drink some water right on your porch, you need to choose a good quality deck bird bath. Such bird baths are the most comfortable to use since in the winter you don’t need to go far to take care of them. They are easy to access and are easy to clean and to maintain. The birds will come to drink water right to your front door and you will be able to enjoy them regardless the time of the year.

Deck mounted bird baths can be very different. The classical bath is easily fastened to your deck and doesn’t require special assembly. At the same time, most of such baths can be tilted in every way in order to provide easy cleaning, filling and draining. When choosing such bath, make sure that the manufacturer guarantees it to withstand the freezing weather conditions without cracking. The outdoor bath must be made of a material which is not subjected to rust and is covered with a durable layer of paint. Deck baths come in different sizes. The bigger the size, the more likely that bigger birds will come to drink and bathe in your backyard. However, if you buy a heated bird bath, make sure it is equipped so they birds don’t have a chance to bathe in it in the winter. Bathing in warm water in freezing temperatures can be deadly for birds.

Setting up deck bird feeders is also a tremendous idea. The birds will come feeding to your home all year round. Filling the feeders with birdseed will be less of a hassle if the feeder is mounted right on your deck, since you won’t have to go far from your home to clean it and fill it with seed. Homemade deck bird feeders are easy to make as well.

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