June 4, 2020
best bird aviary

Photos to help you, that he diy bird aviary for your garden

If you are planning to keep chickens you must consider a DIY bird aviary. If you are ready to make a bird aviary on your own, there are several things you must consider. First of all, think about how many birds your aviary should hold. Also think about what you want to get in return. If you are planning to raise chickens for meat, then all they will need is a sort of box which has light walls, floor and roof.  However, if you want to get eggs, then the place where chickens live must be warm. And each bird should have at least one square meter of space all to itself.

Best bird aviary for chickens should be at least 1.8 meters high. The best floor should be made with a concrete foundation, which is covered with wooden planks. Such floor will mean that the birds will be protected from mice, who like to enter aviaries to eat the food left for birds. At the same time such floor is great for keeping the chicken aviary warm during the winter time. The walls can be made from bricks. However, just bricks are not enough, since the aviary will not be warm. Accordingly, the walls will need to be covered with foam plastic or glass wool.

There are many bird aviary ideas for different types of birds. In order to choose and build the right one you must consider which birds will be living in your aviary and what needs they have. It is important to remember that aviaries must be made to be warm in order to keep the birds healthy. Birds are very prone to diseases, so aviaries must be cleaned on regular basis. If the aviaries are not cleaned properly, you will be risking loosing all the birds to a great variety of diseases.

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