February 19, 2020
finch bird feeders images

Varieties finch bird feeders in the forest

If you want to attract finches to your yard, hang some finch bird feeders. The more feeders you hang, the more birds will come flying. However, in order to keep the finches fed you must buy the proper feeders. There are several types of bird feeders, suitable for finches, available on the market. There are pros and cons to all of them. The most popular ones are plastic tube and nyjer socks. It is important to note that plastic tubes are prone to be destroyed by squirrels, while nyjer socks are pretty hard to get cleaned.

One of the most useful goldfinch bird feeders is a mesh tube. This is the type of a feeder that is hard to be destroyed by squirrels, however it is also pretty hard to clean. If you opt for a plastic tube instead of the mesh one, you must make sure that the squirrels don’t have access to it. One of the ways to make your bird feeder squirrel proof is hang it far enough from the tree not to allow the squirrel to jump onto the tube and ruin it. Plastic tubes are easier to clean and they have a longer service life. Mesh feeders are a little harder to clean, but they are squirrel proof and do a good job attracting finches just like the nyjer socks do.

The best rainbow finch bird feeders is a plastic tube with perches. Getting to the food is pretty hard when is placed in a tube, so perches are a good idea. Finches can sit on the perches and get access to food easily. It is important to remember that all bird feeders must be cleaned at least once a month in order to provide a healthy environment for wild birds. The mesh and plastic tubes will allow you to avoid the messiness on the ground, however it is still important not to forget to wash the feeders every once in a while.

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