July 3, 2020
finch bird cages for sale

That there are such finch cage at home

When you are considering buying a finch, make sure to learn all you can about finch cages first. Cages for your finch pet have to be a little different than cages for other birds. There are several factors which must be considered before the proper cage for a finch is bought. At the same time the placement of such cages is very important. Let’s look at some things a future finch owner must know before making a purchase.

Finch cages for sale come in different sizes. However, the most important size factor for finches is not the height, like for many other birds. It is length. Finches like to fly horizontally, that is why they need a lot of horizontal room. Horizontal flying is the only exercise available for finches. That is why length is such an important factor for a finch cage.

Without proper exercise birds will get ill and very soon die. If you are buying a pair of finches the cage for them must be at least 30 inches long.
Large finch cages are the best idea for your pets. However, the size is not all. Once you buy a cage, you must choose the best place to install it.
As opposed to parrots finches don’t like socializing with people and are not very curious birds. Actually they like quiet conditions. So the cage must be placed in one of the quietest rooms in your house. In order to keep the finches comfortable the cage must be lined with newspaper. The cage must be cleaned at least once a week and disinfected every month. Finches don’t like toys very much, but are big fans of perches and swigs. So these items must be purchased to keep the birds occupied. Perches and swings must be hung away from the bird bath and feeder, so they are not contaminated by the droppings.

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