November 24, 2020
free standing bird feeder base

The best 10 pictures free standing bird feeders for garden

If you want to make the feeders for birds squirrel free, the best idea would be to purchase free standing bird feeders. Such feeders don’t require trees to be hung on, so they can be easily installed anywhere you see fit. They don’t allow the squirrels to climb them and they are easier to reach for cleaning. Such bird feeders will be more expensive than the standard tree hanging ones, however they are worth the money you pay for them, since they have a lot of advantages.

Free standing bird feeder base can be purchased separately. It should be smooth to discourage squirrels for climbing it and retractable to allow easy washing. The more expensive this base is, the more comfortable to use options it will have. However, if you would like to save money, you can be a simple smooth pole and place your bird feeder on it. There are many different poles to choose from and you can easily purchased the simples one. However, if you want your bird feeders to look nice, it would be a good idea to buy a professionally made bird feeder base.

There are also free standing wooden bird feeders. You can even build one on your own. All you need to do is make a regular bird feeding table and place it on a pole. A pole can be made of wood as well. However, make sure that the wooden pole is smooth, otherwise you will have a squirrel problems. Squirrels often try to reach the feeders no matter how high up they are. They are usually responsible for breaking them and eating all the food, so making your feeders squirrel proof is a good idea. Free standing feeders are suitable for any types of birds and come in all sizes. They don’t take too much space, so can easily be placed in even the smallest territories.

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