January 25, 2021
bird boxes designs

You can see 10 funky bird boxes for home decoration

Looking for unusual decor for your yard? Take a look at funky bird houses. There are many different designs for decorative bird houses and cages, you can choose any one you like. Ordering the unusual house over the Internet is probably a good idea, since the choice is bigger. You will also get a chance to design your own special bird house and have it made exactly as per you instructions. Choose the material you want the house to be made out of, as well as the color and the shape, and have it made in no time.

Bird boxes designs also vary quite a lot. In fact, you can make your own design, by buying an unfinished bird house and painting it the way you really like. If you are painting a functional bird house, which means that you will have birds coming to live in it, don’t forget to use the safe paint, which is not dangerous for the birds if they start biting on the house. Once the design is finished, don’t forget about the inside of the box. It should be filled with some soft things, such as paper or plaster. This will encourage birds to lay eggs there.

Positioning bird boxes should be strategical. The ideal option would be to place them on a high pole. This will prevent the house from being swung by the wind and will keep squirrels and predators away from the box. Smooth poles can’t be climbed by animals. At the same time a retractable pole will make the cleaning process much easier. A bird house should be positioned as far away from your home as possible. While birds appreciate you feeding them, they would not feel very safe with close human neighbors. So place them in an opposite corner of your yard, so you don’t bother the birds during breeding season.

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