April 20, 2021

Hamburger steak recipe

“Tender hamburger patties simmered in savory dark brown onion gravy! Classic the southern area of meal served more than rice or mashed potatoes!”

Lord have mercy…there are only some dishes which can be the ultimate example of the southern area of comfort meals like hamburger steak and gravy! I grew up consuming this meal together with mashed carrots or rice, sweet peas, dinner moves, and ice cold fairly sweet tea. It’s not probably the most photogenic dish but ahhh…the great ol’ days! We had it repeatedly monthly

Being a child, even when I had been outside actively playing I realized when we were possessing hamburger steak for lunch. The smell of those tasty onions and beefy gravy constantly created it’s way outdoors. Possibly from us youngsters working in and out nonstop. It absolutely was one of my personal favorite foods.

It was always offered with mashed carrots or rice given that these truly are the best with dark brown gravy! Sweet peas just complimented the savoriness very well.

Now I’m not talking about Salisbury steak (which utilizes egg and quite often breadcrumbs), which is also an additional favorite of mine.

The menu I’m discussing with you these days is perfect for a region hamburger steak with no bells or whistles. Despite the fact that I really like including new stuff like bell peppers and celery and swapping out issues from time to time, occasionally you merely want a directly up southern timeless. Pure, simple and simple.

Most real the southern area of dishes are like that. Just effortless ingredients delivered together to sooth the spirit and simply (and at low costs) supply a big family members. No fluff or complex methods. Hamburger steak and gravy is precisely this way. Just meat, broth, spices red onion, and flour. Possibly some butter and fresh garlic permanently calculate. And person could it be a comforting, hearty food.

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