July 9, 2020
homemade bird aviary

You can see 10 homemade bird feeders for beloved pets

Whether it is a school project or just a way to make use of your creativity, making homemade bird feeders is a great idea. Homemade bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t have much time to spend on a bird feeder, make one out of a plastic bottle. A Pepsi or a Coca Cola bottle will do just fine.

The easiest way to make a feeder out of a bottle is to fill it with bird food and cut two through holes in it. Stick two wooden spoons through the holes and you are done. The food will come out of the hole and stay on the hollow part of the spoon until the birds come to get it. Afterwards more food will pour out. There are many more ways to make a homemade feeder if you have a little more time.

A homemade bird table is a little harder to make. The easiest table can be made out of a cup and a saucer. Glue a cup to a saucer in lying on one side position. Stick a chain through the cup handle and hang it up on a tree. The food can be placed in a cup. And the bird table is done!

Homemade bird houses are, of course, harder to do than feeders and require some time and skills. So, if you are not ready to spend your time on a house just yet, a great-looking bird feeder is all you need to get the birds flying to your backyard or to support them in the cold winter when they don’t have a chance to find enough food. A good and solid bird house is the next step. In order not to be discouraged from the beginning, a more complicated bird feeder can do the job while you are getting ready to make the best bird house in the neighborhood.

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