July 3, 2020
bird bath ideas

See how to make a bird bath with his hands

If you ever wondered about how to make a bird bath, you must have researched the matter and found some great ideas for the handmade bird baths. Let’s take a look at some more.

Here are some wonderful bird bath ideas which you might have overlooked.
• Branches and a bowl. Get some thick branches about 2 feet high and stick them vertically in the ground to make a circle. Get an old glass or ceramic bowl and place it on top of the branches to make a great bird bath.
This bird bath is really the easiest one and takes several minutes to make.

• The old sink bath. Have an old sink lying around? Don’t throw it out. It will make a great bird bath. All you’ll need to do is plug the drain, put some stones inside and pour some clean water. A great 5 minute idea for a bird bath! Changing water will be easy too. Unplug the drain and it is done!

• If you wonder about how to make a bird bath bowl, don’t think you need to spend ages on it. Bath bowls are easily made from the stuff you have at home. For example, a serving tray makes a great bird bath bowl. Attach it to an outdoor plant stand and get a great bird bath surrounded by flowers.

• Old light fixtures will make great baths! Just find a creative place to put them. A step ladder will be a great choice.

Make sure your handmade bird baths are placed as high as possible to make the birds feel safe and to avoid them being grabbed by animals. Making your own bird bath is a great idea to get creative and to have unique bird accessories become a part of your yard. Trying handmade bird houses and bird feeders too!

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