February 19, 2020
hanging bird table designs

Examples of how to make a bird table for your yard

Knowing how to make a bird table is not a skill possessed by many people. However, a lot of people, especially kids, would like to learn how to do it. Making a bird table on your own is a lot of fun but requires some time, work and concentration. Some bird tables are easier to make than the others. But it is important to remember one rule: The easier the bird table is to make, the faster it will go out of business. The sturdiest bird tables are made from wood. Accordingly they take longer to make. But if you are ready to work, you can make a very functional bird table in just a couple of hours.

Hanging bird table is a wonderful idea. Such bird tables are usually made from old bowls or other bowl-like materials. These bird tables don’t need much work. All you need to do is attach a chain to the bird feeder and hang it on a tree. There are a lot of cons to such feeders. First of all, they are easily made. Secondly, they are squirrel proof. If the chain you attach to the bird table is thin, the squirrels won’t have a chance to climb down to eat up the bird food.

If you don’t want to consider a hanging table, you might want to find out how to make a bird table stand. Actually a stand might be hard to make than the bird table itself because the bird table must be placed as high as possible. One way to place the bird feeder high up is to use a pole. A pole will allow you to choose a height at which to place a bird table. At the same time a smooth pole has good squirrel proof qualities. Predators and squirrels can’t climb a smooth pole to reach the birds.

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