September 20, 2020
how to make bird feeders at home

Take a look how to make bird feeders for beloved pets

There comes a time when every bird lovers wonder about how to make bird feeders on their own. There are several easy ways the bird feeders can be made. Here are some of the most important rules you must know before proceeding to make a bird feeder at home:

1. The bird feeder must have a cover. The cover or a roof will protect the food from precipitation and humidity. Once the food gets wet it soon becomes fully unusable and the birds will not be able to eat it.

2. The entrance for a bird must be large enough. The size of the opening must be large enough to allow at least to birds to fly inside. It will be even better if you make at least two openings.

3. The materials which you will use for making a bird feeder must be water resistant. Otherwise it will become absolutely useless pretty soon. If you choose the right materials for your bird feeder, it will serve you and your birds for a long time to come.

4. When you make bird feeders, make sure to install several perches inside of them to create some sitting space for the birds.

If you always wanted to know how to make feeders out of cups and saucers, you are about to find out. Actually, it is probably the easiest bird feeder you can make at home with your kids. Take a cup and a saucer. Put some glue on the side of the cup which is opposite to the handle. The cup should be lying on the saucer with the handle sticking up. Once the gluing is done and the glue dries, place a chain through a handle and hang the feeder on a tree. Put some food inside the cup and the bird feeder is done! Make sure that the chain you use is sturdy enough to hold the feeder.

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