July 8, 2020
big budgie cages

Take a look a 7 photos large budgie cages for the table in the house

If you have decided to buy several budgies you must choose between large budgie cages. A small cage will not be enough for three or more birds. Each of them must have a spacious place to sit on and a separate place to sleep in. So if you already had a budgie and are planning to buy it a friend, don’t forget that the living conditions will need to be improved. Keeping budgies in two separate cages might not be a good idea. The birds don’t like being lonely, so it makes sense to put them into one large cage.

If you have decided to start breeding your budgies, just a regular large bird cage will not be enough. Check out the budgie breeding cages. The budgie breeding cages significantly differ from the regular large bird cages. They are fit for those who are planing to do some serious breeding. If you just want to breed two budgies, the regular large cage will do. However, serious budgie breeding requires special cages. They are made to take up the least space while fitting a maximum number of birds. When choosing such a cage, make sure that each budgie will have its own sleeping space as well as the feeder. Keeping budgies comfortable is the the most important part of the breeding process.

Big budgie cages take up a lot of space. So before buying one, make sure that you prepare it. The best choice would be to buy a table especially for the cage. This way cage filling (saw dust and pieces of paper) will stay in one place, which will be easy to clean. Placing a large bird cage close to other objects is not preferable. The birds might grab small objects and swallow them. At the same time all the dirt from the bird cage will settle on the nearby objects and furniture, which will lengthen the cleaning process.

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