March 28, 2020
best large capacity bird feeders

You can see 10 large capacity bird feeders in the forest

Whether you are planning to attract a lot of birds or are planning to feed large sized birds, you must be looking for large capacity bird feeders. Such feeders are also suitable for the bird aviaries where you house such birds as chickens or turkeys. Look for large feeders on the Internet and make sure the parameters are satisfactory for the birds you would like to feed. Commercial large feeders are usually a better idea than the hand made ones. However, it is still possible to make such feeders on your own, especially if you don’t need them to look decorative.

High capacity bird feeder is a great idea for those who don’t want to bother with placing several bird feeders on their territory. Such feeders are also suitable for people who don’t have a large territory to hang them on. Large feeders are easier to clean due to their size. However, they can produce more mess. So a good idea would be to purchase no mess bird food and make sure not to put to much of it inside the feeder to avoid it spilling to the ground. If you are hanging a large feeder on the tree, make sure  to choose the most durable branch. Large feeders are also targets to squirrels, so they should be made squirrel proof.

Large capacity tube bird feeders are probably the best idea. Such feeders are squirrel and mess proof and can be placed on a pole or hying on a tree. When you are choosing a large tube feeder for your yard, make sure it has some perches. There are some wild birds that like sitting on perches while eating,so you will attract more such birds this way. If you have a choice of hanging several smaller feeders than one large one, you should really consider this option. Small feeders are neater and will not be as messy as others.

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