February 24, 2020
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Take a look a 10 photos large cockatiel cage

If you want to keep your new cockatiel pet happy, buy it a large cockatiel cage. Those who did their homework, know what a cockatiel does first when it is let into the cage. What is it? It flies straight to the top. Accordingly, a large cage for such bird doesn’t mean a wide cage, it means a very high one. This is a good space saving solution, since the cage will not take up too much of it in your home. The higher the cage you buy is, the better the cockatiel will feel.

Cockatiel cage requirements are simple. These birds are very curious, they must know everything that is going on in and out of the cage. This means you must pay special attention to the safety of the cage you buy. Check out the space between the bars. Can your bird’s head fit in between? If it can, leave this cage alone. The cockatiels are like small kids, they need to be everywhere at once and will leave nothing out. Accordingly, the cage can’t contain objects which will harm the bird if she sticks its beak into. Or something that can cause the wings or feet to be tangled up. The best idea would be to buy a completely empty cage and then purchase additional accessories such as feeders in perches in accordance with your birds needs. Most cages on the market are universal. Which means that you can custom make the cage the way you like it and the way your bird needs it.

When you finally buy a perfect cage you can browse stands for bird cages. Since the cockatiel cage is narrow and high, it might be a good idea to purchase a special stand for it. There is usually no fitting piece of regular furniture to accommodate such cage, so a stand would be a great solution.

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