July 6, 2020
blue and gold macaw cage size

Top 10 photos macaw cage for large rooms

If you are about to become a lucky owner of a macaw, you must spend some time choosing a proper cage for your new bird. There are several things you must study carefully and consider when buying a macaw cage. Many people don’t pay enough attention to this matter. However, your bird’s living conditions are directly connected to its health and life span. So, making sure the proper cage is chosen is really vital.

• The macaw cage size. Always consider the size of your bird before buying the cage. If the bird fits into a cage doesn’t mean the job is done. Don’t forget that the bird spends most of its time there. So it needs a lot of space for flying, playing, feeding and sleeping. A good cage is a large cage for any bird, including a macaw. It is especially important for macaws since they are large birds. The best cage size would be 180 by 270 cm.

• Macaw cage setup. Another thing to consider when choosing a cage for your macaw is where you set it up. Placing a cage where it fits your room style the most is not a way out. Forget about suiting your style, the bird has its own. The cage mustn’t be put in the middle of the room. Such placement will make the bird feel unsafe. Make sure the cage is placed in a room where most of the family members spend a lot of their time. Parrots like socializing and lack of attention will make them depressed.

• The safety matters. It is very important to consider safety matters when choosing the right cage for your pet. The bird shouldn’t be able to stick the head in between bars or garb any small nearby objects. Buying a corner macaw cage with a stand is a great idea which will solve the placement and the safety problems at the same time.

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