September 27, 2020
bempton bird table

You can see photos metal bird table for backyard decoration

If you are choosing between different bird feeders to place in your yard, you can consider a metal bird table. Metal tables have their pros and cons. One big advantage the metal table has is its durability. It is unlikely to ever get broken by birds or squirrels. At the same time it can withstand any weather conditions, including heavy snow or strong wings. The disadvantage of a metal table is that it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. At the same time when birds start eating the food, the metal table will produce a specific sound, which might not be welcomed by the people living in the nearby house.

If you would like to make a bird table on your own, metal table is probably not the best idea. You should start with a wooden table. Wood is easy to work with and the wooden bird accessories are usually the most popular. Look for some wood table plans on the Internet to get an idea of what you should start with. Try building the simplest wooden table first and then go from there. The most complicated bird tables are the ones made to look more like bird houses. A good wooden table must have a roof in order to cover the bird food and keep it dry during rain or snow.

If you know how to build a bird table, you should consider making a bird house. There is really not much difference between a good bird house and good table. Both should have a roof and walls. Bird feeder walls don’t go all the way up to the roof, though. You can even use the bird house plans to make a proper bird table if you want and vice versa. Experienced bird house builders will not have a problem creating a perfect bird table.

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