June 1, 2020
bird food without millet

Take a look a 10 photos millet bird food for beloved pets

Millet bird food might seem like the type of food the birds are always ready to eat, but this is not true. There are times when millet might even be dangerous for birds and this time is winter.

Winter is a hard time for birds. The cold makes all the ants and flies go to sleep and only some of the trees still have fruit. Many people are trying to help the birds live through this hard period of time and are installing bird feeders. However, you must be responsible about feeding the wild birds and learn the most important aspects of winter bird diet. The most important thing is to find out which food can be given to the birds and which can’t. Wild bird food millet is not a great idea since the millet doesn’t have a shell and the surface  fats get oxidized. This causes dangerous residue which can cause the bird some health problems.

Bird food without millet can easily be found in the pet stores as well as online. You must make sure that there is no millet in the bird food during the winter in order to avoid causing harm. Millet might be added into some mixes. Carefully read the list of the ingredients before buying such a mix. Also make sure that the food you are giving the birds is fresh. If the mix has some unpleasant smells, through it out immediately. Such sour food will be poisoning the birds and will eventually lead to their death.

It is also important not to give the wild birds too much food. If the birds will get enough food not to feel at least somewhat hungry they will stop looking for other vitamins. Natural feeding for birds is very diversified. It is impossible to provide all the vitamins in a feeder. So a bird must go out to look for some other food as well.

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