July 8, 2020
best wild bird seed

Look at the variety of millet bird seed for keeping budgies

When you will be choosing food for your pet bird, or looking for something to fill the outdoor feeders with, you will definitely get to know about millet bird seed. Millet has a lot of starch in it and is considered a great food for small-sized birds. Wild birds such as finches, juncos and sparrows really like this type of food. They will be very happy to have some millet placed in bird feeders or just put on the ground. It is possible to grow millet on your own in order to always have a fresh and healthy food source for your birds.

Bird seed for sale is probably the best way to get food for your birds. However, it is possible to make bird food on your own. All you need to do is get specific instructions on the proportions and mix several healthy ingredients to make the bird food with a lot of vitamins. If you want to attract small wild birds, you can mix such seed as millet and nyjer. Nyjer can even be put into special nyjer socks to provide easy feeding for wild birds. You can also mix in some bread crumbs and sunflower and safflower seeds. These seeds will attract larger birds. In fact you should put seed for small birds in separate feeders from the seed for larger birds. This way you’ll attract all types of birds, but they won’t have to fight for space.

Best wild bird seed is the one that provides enough vitamins and minerals to satisfy the needs of the wild birds while not leaving a lot of mess for the owner to clean. There is actually such thing as no mess seed. It can be purchased at pet stores or online. This food is designed to minimize the amount of bird seed leftovers and will be a great help to those who don’t like constant backyard cleaning.

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