July 11, 2020
best parakeet cages

Take a look a 10 photos parakeet cages for home decoration

Choosing between a vast number of parakeet cages on the market can be a hassle. So it is a good idea to determine which qualities you want your parakeet cage to have. Once that is done, the choice will be significantly narrowed down. So what does your parakeet need in a cage? Let’s look at the most important cage qualities.

• Best parakeet cages are the ones made from non-toxic materials. If you owned a bird before, you know that they like to nag on the cage bars. Accordingly, if the cage is made from toxic materials, it will be dangerous for your bird. Cages made from zinc, copper and lead are the worst choice for your pet bird.

• When looking for the best parakeet cages for sale, make sure you pay attention to the size. Parakeet might be a small bird, but the larger the cage the better for even the smallest ones. There should be enough space for sleeping, feeding, flying from perch to perch and playing. Even if you are planning to let your bird fly around the house, the cage still needs to be spacious enough to accommodate it. However, when choosing a large cage, make sure that the space between the bars is small enough not to allow the bird to stick its head in between.

• Many cages are filled with toys, perches and many other entertainment pieces for your bird. When you buy one of those, take close look at all this filling to make sure none if it is dangerous for your bird. There shouldn’t be any places where the bird can stick its body parts into and get stuck.

• The cage has to be easy to clean. Otherwise parts of dirty fillings will get stuck in the cage and cause bad smell as well as allow bacteria to grow, which can lead to health problems.

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