July 8, 2020
african grey parrot breeding cages

You can see 10 photos parrot breeding cages for your house

If you are planning to do some parrot breeding you should purchase proper parrot breeding cages. There are a lot of different parameters such cages should have. Let’s discuss some of them. The breeding cage is recommended to be made of stainless steel or aluminum. There are several reasons for this. The cage must be regularly (at least once a month) cleaned by hot water for disinfection and getting rid of the parasites. Also stainless steel cage will not be damaged by the constant biting birds like to do. If you are planning to put cardboard or paper on the bottom of the cage, you must place some sand inside the cage as well, which will help the digestion process of the birds.

Large parrot breeding cages, as well as smaller ones, should have several perches. Perches must be made from soft types of wood in order to prevent callouses on the bird’s feet. The best perches are made from willow trees, since they are soft and can be used as a spring. The parrots will be biting on the perches and they will soon become useless. So, perches must be changed on the regular basis. The perches must be placed at a certain distance form the walls of the cage in order for the parrots not to damage their tails. Also they must be placed as far from each other as possible, which will force the birds to move around more.

Birds breeding cages should have proper feeders. The edges of the feeder must be completely smooth in order to prevent hurting the soft parrot feet. When you are choosing the feeder for breeding cages, make sure the material it is made of will allow you to clean it easily every day. The breeding cage should be installed in one particular place and never be moved in order not to bother the tenants.

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