July 3, 2020
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Take a look a 10 photos peanut bird feeders in the forest

Peanut bird feeders are the special feeders made to place peanuts inside. Peanuts are rather large and the birds need to open them up in order to eat them. So this means a lot of mess. Peanut feeders are keeping everything inside and allow the bird to open the nuts  right inside the feeder. The bird opens up the shell, takes the nut out and the shell stays inside. Of course, there will still be some mess, however, there will be much less cleaning than if you would have placed peanuts into a regular bird feeder or a table.

There are some birds, which don’t need to eat nuts. These birds must be fed with peanut free bird seed. Nuts contain a lot of fats, which might not be a good idea for some type of birds, such as parakeets. Before buying a seed mix, carefully read what type of seed is mixed inside. Perhaps some of the ingredients are not good for your pet bird or for the birds coming to your yard. In order to keep the birds you care for healthy you must provide them with wholesome and safe food, so make sure you study the matter carefully.

DIY peanut bird feeder is not hard to make. All you need to do is to make sure the peanuts have no way to fall out. This is usually done with the help of wire mesh. The wire must be thick enough to keep the peanuts inside, however the spacing must done with the consideration of allowing the birds to stick their beaks inside and open up the peanuts. The easiest way to make a peanut bird feeder is to make a wooden bird tables and add some wire walls to it. Remember peanut feeders are a little hard to clean, so make sure to clean them as often as possible.

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