October 31, 2020
happy pet bird bath

Check out our types pet bird food, a photo attached

If you are looking for good quality pet bird food, but are not sure which one to choose, take a good look at the list of the ingredients. Each bird requires its own grain mix, so the ingredients are every important. Don’t go for the universal mixes, which are offered for wild birds, or cheap mixes which have a small number of the ingredients. This food is not appropriate for pet birds and might lead to health problems over time. Each bird should receive its own special food, which is recommended by the veterinarian.

Once the food is done with, think about pet bird cages. You’ll be surprised at how many requirements your bird might have for a cage, so don’t buy the first one you like. Take close look at the bar spacing and thickness. The bars should be close enough not to allow the bird to stick its head through. At the same time if your bird is very large, make sure that the bars are thick enough so it can’t bend it. Stainless steel bird cages might be more expensive than other ones but they will serve you well, since they are very durable and easy to clean and disinfect.

Once the cage is purchased, you must think about accessories. Pet bird feeders can be very different. Some are placed inside the cage and some are on the outside. A good idea would be to choose the outside feeders, since they will not be taking space away from the cage. There are some cages which come with pre-installed bird feeders. However, they might not satisfy you bird, so you can buy the one it needs separately. Take close look at perches and toys. The bird will be spending a lot of time in the cage, so make sure this time spending is comfortable.

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