March 31, 2020
breeding cage for racing pigeon

Top 10 convenient for pigeon breeding cage for your house

If you are considering breeding pigeons you must create proper conditions for such process, which involves getting a proper pigeon breeding cage. Usually the indoor pigeons start breeding in the beginning of spring, so you must prepare the cage for their needs during that time. The preparation starts by washing, cleaning and disinfecting the cage. Then you should be placing small wooden boxes. These boxes will be filled by sawdust or plaster. This is where the birds will be laying eggs.

A cage for pigeon must be rather large. The pigeons don’t live on their own, so there should be enough space for many birds. Some cages are divided into small boxes, where each of the pigeons is housed. Others are made to be large to house all the birds together. Make sure that you have enough place to install the pigeon cages. Usually the professional breeders will have a special structure built for the pigeon cages. Cages must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on regular basis, not just before the breeding time.

Pigeon breeder cage should have a lot of different accessories. Besides the boxes for egg laying there should be feeders and baths for birds to be comfortable during the breeding time. The floor should be covered with wooden shavings. Otherwise the birds will not feel comfortable. It is important to keep the cages as clean as possible, otherwise the egg laying process might be delayed. The birds don’t lay eggs if they don’t fell safe. So the safest conditions must be provided in the breeding cages for pigeons.

Breeding pigeons is a complicated tasks. A lot of information should be studied to provide proper conditions for the birds to have comfortable breeding. It is important to purchase all the necessary accessories from the respected manufacturer. Breeding cages can also be made at home if all the necessary materials are available.

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