July 6, 2020
how to build a pigeon cage

11 a lot of pictures pigeon cage for sale for house

If you are looking for quality pigeon cages for sale, make sure you buy the ones that will fit a lot of birds. Tamed pigeons require a good amount of space to live and feed in. If you let your pigeons out, they will probably be coming back for food on regular basis. They will also be attracting other pigeons, so you must have enough space to house them and enough bird feeders to keep them fed. Once the pigeon is tamed, it is probably not going to fly too far away from its cage, so the cage must have a proper opening for the pigeon to fly back to when it sees fit.

Pigeon cage design can be very different. Many pigeon owners settle for small rectangular cages which are stacked one upon the other. However, there are more spacious options for pigeons. They are suitable for those who don’t want to breed or house a large number of pigeons and will be satisfied with just several of them. This cage looks like a wooden bird house with a regular round entrance and a stainless steel or mesh box attached near the opening, so the bird can’t fly away. It is very important to clean the pigeon cages as often as possible, since they are pretty messy birds. The spreading of bacteria should be prevented on regular basis.

If you are wondering about how to make a pigeon cage on your own, it is really not that complicated. A pigeon cage can be made to look like a regular bird house with a cage-like addition near the entrance. It is important to remember that pigeons are wild birds, and even if you tame one, there is always a chance it will not remain healthy in the indoor conditions. Keeping a pigeon indoors will greatly reduce its life span, so if you put a pigeon in a cage, keep it outside.

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