June 4, 2020
plastic bird bath

You can see 10 photos plastic bird feeders in the forest

When you are choosing the right bird feeders for your yard, take a look at plastic bird feeders. Plastic is a great material for bird accessories. Actually, most of the bird’s accessories out there are made from plastic. Usually the simples bird feeders are made to look like plastic tubes with holes for the food to pour out. Some of them will have perches to sit on, which are preferable for birds. There are also plastic bird tables which are convenient bird feeders as well. Plastic feeders are rather durable and are easy to clean. However, they are often not squirrel proof.

Plastic bird cages are far from being the best choice of bird cages out there. Plastic cage might be easy to clean, but some plastic can be damaged by a bird. Plastic is a soft material and the birds can bite pieces off of it. At the same time, disinfection of plastic is quite complicated because not all cleaning agents are safe for plastic. Also plastic bird cages are light, so they are often used for pet transportation. However, if you are choosing a permanent home for you bird, take a look at stainless steel cages instead.

Plastic bird toys have been found to be completely safe for birds. Usually birds don’t swallow inedible objects, such as plastic toys, so there is no chance for the bird to choke on the toys. Plastic is cheap and durable, so such bird toys is a great idea for your birds. However, birds will probably appreciate wooden bird toys better than plastic ones. Birds like wooden accessories more than plastic ones. If you would like to indulge your parrot, buy it a wooden toy and leave the plastic for later. Plastic accessories for birds are popular and have been used for decades.

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