November 17, 2019

Powdered sugar frosting

Powdered sugar frosting

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Fairly sweet therefore easy, this 4-element powdered sugars frosting is my personal favorite! A go-to menu for icing smooth glucose cookies, graham crackers, or food.

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4-Ingredient Powder Sugar Frosting

I’ve utilized this icing for years.

My granny would always purchase a big ol’ bag of powdered sugars.

Then, I’d request the way we had been intending to make the icing and she’d flip the powdered glucose handbag proper above and present me the recipe on the back of the bag.

She employed that formula so long as I can keep in mind.

We’d mix up several colours. Typically environmentally friendly, light blue, yellow, and a pink’ish reddish.

We’d frost our gentle sugars biscuits very first. Then use whatever was remaining to slather onto some graham crackers.

Wonderful and thus easy, this 4-ingredient powdered glucose icing is my personal favorite! A go-to recipe for frosting gentle sugars biscuits, graham crackers, or desserts.


  • 3 cups powder sugar
  • 1/2 glass salted butter, softened
  • 1.5 tsp vanilla flavor draw out
  • 1-2 tablespoons whole milk
  • Food coloring (optionally available)


  1. Blend powdered sugars and softened butter with an electric stand mixer.
  2. Add vanilla and 1 tablespoon of milk products.
  3. Steadily add more milk, if needed, until you reach a smooth, very easy to spread out frosting.
  4. Once prepared, include foods color, if desired, stirring the coloring in by table spoon.

*If as well dripping, add additional powder sugars to thicken your frosting.

I’m a sweets addict that loves eating scrumptious snacks and great foods! I’m even the mother of 5 stunning guys from 4-12.

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This looks ideal for Saint. Patrick’s Day. We have not produced glucose cookies for a while, thanks for the motivation.

This seems like an easy recipe. Will have to present it to my child, she has really become into cooking and preparing and wishes to consider producing fancy cookies.

I love how quick and easy this can be to create! I can’t wait around to make frosted cookies with my youngster!

This is by far the easiest frosting to help make! I really like that you have this 4 element powdered Sugar icing in green, perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day!

It is actually very easy. As soon as you try it out in this way you’ll never ever purchase the things inside a can once again!

Consider almond extract rather than vanilla flavor. My grandmothers formula. I have been rendering it that way for over half a century.

Yum! We use almond draw out in a glaze formula and it’s tasty. Great idea!

You can use any Flavor get you want.

Hi there! I’m getting excited about producing your icing! Will it continue to keep immediately if refrigerated? I’m heading to get a cookie redecorating party & desired to determine I could make the icing the evening just before? Thanks for your support!

Yup! It is possible to retail store it in the refrigerator right away. Just give it a few good stirs before going to utilize it and it needs to be all set. Be sure to retail store it within a closed box therefore it remains refreshing.

Assuming this must be refrigerated if produced in progress to soften, do i need to just take it to space temp? Having cookie redecorating for youngsters at my Xmas celebration & would like to have many color choices for the icing!

You can make ahead of time and shop within the freezer. Just provide it with several stirs using a place whenever you remove it from the freezer and it should be good to go. It can spread simpler when it actually reaches space temperature, nevertheless it can do perfectly completely from the freezer also.

Does the icing harden up after you place it on that cupcakes? Because you use whole milk would you must keep your cookies inside the refrigerator right after?
Thank you!

We’ve never kept the cookies in the fridge plus they stay all right. You’ll desire to blend it up near to the uniformity that you’re concentrating on. It will thicken up a little, and can keep pretty close to the consistency you mix it up as.

This is so excellent. Be grateful for revealing!

Will the costing turn out okay in the event you don’t have a electrical stand mixer?

Yup, you are able to hands mix if necessary.

I use Almond extract, less sweet

Quite simple but way way too wonderful. Next time I’ll just use 1.5 cups of powder sugars and change the butter volume properly.

This is the precise formula mundo mom employed to use when we created reduce-outs. I was looking for the formula on the vacations, but I found one similar. I’ve bookmarked this one previously and so i may have it for this calendar year. Oh yeah, and that i realized it wasn’t meant to be simply because I have the same bell designed cookie cutter!

Intended to say *my* Mom, not mundo hehe

Incredible take a look at all of the typos. Also meant to say WAS intended to be. Not wasn’t. I bought also excited lol

The bells are one of my favorites, hehe!! They frost easily and fit in my cookie tupperware the best.

Thanks a lot, Janel for this simple and fast menu, it’s supply and also the recollections you have of making it. I actually have part of an unfrosted food remaining. We have been topping it with whipped cream, but went out of it. I will make your icing for my dessert and all of those other icing will likely be for crackers and cupcakes!

Is this a laugh?? I am just dyinnnnnng more than this frosting. I cannot feel I produced something that tastes similar to this!! I have done anything you stated, and extra a little splash of almond get. I’m uncertain in the event that made any distinction, but omg… thank you so much. My very first time producing frosting was the easiest good results! I can’t wait to try out shades!

Oh yeah good, hehe. Once I began reading this comment I thought you had been not caring it. Hooray for convenient icing, proper! Take pleasure in!!

Does this frosting harden right after spreading it in the cupcakes to enable stacking them?

Yes, it does harden some. We stack our glucose cupcakes frosted with a powder glucose icing having a coating of parchment paper between in order to prevent any icing adhering. You need to hold off until it’s dried up some, prior to stacking however.

I simply made this for any citrus poppyseed food. I only employed 1 tbsp of whole milk and substituted lemon juice for the rest. It been found wonderful! Thanks for the menu!
It absolutely was actually truly sweet, but that’s how I like my frosting

That appears to be scrumptious! I adore citrus every little thing!

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