June 4, 2020
blue martin bird houses

Spectacular photos purple martin bird houses of your favorite pets

Purple martins are the types of birds that live in flocks, so the purple martin bird houses have a special design. If you have never seen a bird house for a purple martin, you might be surprised when you first take a look at it. It really differs from the standard bird houses out there. This house has many different entrances and “rooms” for the purple martins to come and live in. Many such houses have great designs and look very elegant. However, it is important to remember that the design is not the most vital thing about the houses for such birds.

Purple martin bird houses for sale are available all over the Internet. When you make a decision to attract purple martins to your territory and buy a house for them, the next thing to consider is placement. Finding the right place for the purple martins’ house is one of the very important things you can do. Make sure you don’t place the houses near your own home. These wild birds will not want to live right next to people. So place the house a certain distance away from your home, however at a place where you can still see them well. Observing the way martins fly to their houses is very enjoyable. At the same time don’t forget that the house must be placed on a very tall pole. The higher the better.

Purple martin bird house plans are available on the Internet. However, it is important to understand that these bird houses are quite complicated. If you have never made a bird house before, martin house is not the best place to start. Practice making the standard bird house first, or get some help from more experienced house makers. The better you get at bird house making, the faster you’ll make your first martin house.

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